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Ms. Naveen Ghannam

Patient Care Coordinator

Since joining the Artisan Dental team in 2013, Ms. Ghannam has consistently showcased her dedication and expertise as our Patient Care Coordinator. With a background spanning over a decade in customer service, Naveen's commitment to ensuring every patient receives an unparalleled experience truly stands out.

Her meticulous approach encompasses everything from warmly welcoming newcomers to the practice, to diligently working with insurance providers to maximize patient benefits. Naveen's unwavering determination to prioritize our patients' needs has not only exceeded expectations but has also cemented her position as a cherished member of the Artisan Dental family.

Both patients and staff hold Naveen in high regard, a testament to her passion and dedication. Outside the professional realm, she cherishes quality time with her husband and their three lovely daughters. Additionally, Naveen pursues her passion for beauty as a professional freelance makeup artist, further showcasing her multifaceted talents.


Practice Administrator

Since 2005, Sunita has been an integral part of our team, bringing with her a rich background as a dentist from Mysore University, Karnataka, India. Her advanced training includes Implant Placement and Bone Management in Washington DC and a Sinus Lift practicum in Las Vegas, NV. As a member of the American Implant Dental Association, she ensures our practice remains updated with the latest in dentistry. Beyond her professional commitments, Sunita has a heart for global outreach, having volunteered with the Medical Mission of Mercy in Romblon, Philippines, and sponsoring a child in Zambea since 2002. Her passion for travel and culinary exploration adds a personal touch to her interactions, making her both an invaluable asset to our team and a favorite among our patients.



Dental Assistant

Carolina embarked on her journey as a dental assistant in 2010 and has since become an indispensable member of the Artisan Dental Team. An Arlington resident since 1996, she brings with her the vibrant culture of her native Chile. As a mother to two wonderful children, her days are filled with joy and activity. A fitness enthusiast, Carolina is particularly fond of body pump sessions at the gym. Her infectious positivity and upbeat demeanor uplift everyone around her. Deeply inspired by Stephen Covey's 90/10 principle from "7 Habits of Highly Effective People," she firmly believes that while life's events are 10% of the journey, our reactions shape the remaining 90%. With such a philosophy, Carolina not only enhances our team with her skills but also with her resilient spirit.

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