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Sleep Dentistry

Dental anxiety is a reality for many individuals, often leading to delayed or avoided dental appointments. At our dental office in Burke, VA or Chevy Chase, MD, we recognize the importance of creating a comfortable and stress-free environment for our patients. Sleep dentistry emerges as a beacon for those seeking a solution to all dental needs.

Understanding Dentistry

Sleep dentistry involves the use of medications to help patients relax during dental procedures. It's sometimes referred to as "sleep dentistry," though this term isn't entirely accurate as most patients remain awake, except for those under general anesthesia.

Types of Sleep Used in Dentistry

  • Minimal Sleep : The patient is awake but relaxed.

  • Moderate Sleep : Patients may exhibit mild speech impediments and may retain limited recall of the procedure due to the administration of oral medications aimed at alleviating anxiety.

  • Deep Sleep : Patients are put into a state of relaxation where they usually fall asleep but are still conscious and responsive.

  • General Anesthesia : Patients are entirely unconscious.

Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

  • Overcoming Dental Anxiety

  • Efficiency

  • Pain Management

  • Enhanced Recovery

Empathy Meets Expertise

At our dental office in Burke, VA or Chevy Chase, MD, we combine the power of sleep dentistry with a compassionate approach. Our dedicated team ensures that every patient feels understood, valued, and cared for, making each dental visit a positive experience.

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